When you’re getting married, having the right flower girl dresses can make a massive difference to the overall look and feel of your wedding – and your little lady is sure to appreciate it!

This article will outline what to consider when selecting an outfit.



Opt for a colour that complements the other hues in the wedding. It’s a good idea to match it with the bridesmaids’ look, or an element like your bouquet. Alternatively, you could choose a colour that contrasts and complements your wedding décor.



When selecting the design of your flower girl dresses it is always nice to ask the little one for her opinion. Either take her to the store with you or show her some pictures. Choose an age-appropriate style with secure necklines and straps. Opt for something that will be comfortable and easy to move in yet pretty. Another cute idea is to select a miniature version of your own outfit, however this could be expensive. Only do this if it is within her parents’ budget or you are willing to cover the cost.



Young kids value comfort more so than adults (or at least, they’re more vocal about discomfort), so it’s important to choose an outfit that won’t cause her pain. This means good-quality flat shoes that fit properly, and flower girl dresses that are loose-fitting and not restrictive. It also means selecting a fabric that isn’t itchy or irritating (avoid cheap polyester) – silk, cotton or chiffon are good. Getting rid of the tag can help, too.



When selecting a size, it is a good idea to go for one that your young one can grow into. Loose fitting, longer garments are best for this. Alternatively, buy your flower girl dresses close to the date of the ceremony so that it fits nicely. Make sure the length you select is age-appropriate; shorter garments are better for younger ones as they prevent tripping on the hem, whereas longer garments suit older kids.



It is always recommended to have your young one try the garment on wherever possible. You want to make sure that it fits properly and is comfortable. You generally won’t need a proper fitting as you will with your bridesmaids but it’s still important for her to try it on.



You will need to determine who will pay for the flower girl dresses. Traditionally this will be the parents of the young one, however if you have the money and want to cover it, feel free to. Additionally, if you want to get a more expensive garment for her because it suits the theme of your wedding, it may be appropriate for you to pay.

Let the parents know all costs involved, such as accessories like shoes, sweaters or tights. Traditionally, things like hair accessories, wreaths and baskets are paid for by the bride and are considered to be gifts for the young one.


Price options

To make things easier for the parents, choose a number of garments each in a different price range. This gives them options to choose from based on their budget. To do this, search for garments in different stores, from bridal stores to department stores. And of course, give the parents information on where they can find each garment! Alternatively you can ask them directly what their budget is so that you can choose flower girl dresses in their price range.


Shopping for flower girl dresses is a fun experience and great bonding activity for you and the youngster in your life.