Becoming a Sydney family law professional is one of the most sought after careers at the moment. This is likely due to the high demand for this job, as well as the job stability. This comes from the high divorce rate in Western societies, one that seems to be going up. Sydney family law professionals go through a rigorous path in order to step into this field, one that is arduous but necessary to form the type of person you need to be in order to succeed. This pathway starts with education and qualifications and continues on with entrance into certain establishments before commencing training and gaining experience until you can finally independently practice as a solicitor in this field. Whilst the path is long, it is ultimately worth it for anyone who is passionate about the legal system and this particular field of it. If you are considering joining this field of the legal system and becoming Sydney family law professional, then read on.

Education and qualifications

Education and qualifications is an important start to the career path of becoming Sydney family law professional. Everyone starts at university where you must complete a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. From here, a master’s degree is highly recommended to further your knowledge of theoretical information on the legal system. From here, you must complete Practical Legal Training (PLT) at a professional firm. This way, you gain the theoretical knowledge and qualifications to back up this knowledge, as well as the training required initially to put this theoretical knowledge to practical use. All of this is a long process, but completely necessary to form the foundational knowledge that you will use throughout your career for years to come.

Admissions and training

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To become Sydney family law professional, you need receive admission into your relevant state or territories Admissions Authority in order to practice. This must be completed within 5 years of your graduation. After this, you must receive a Practicing Certificate from your local law society. Onwards, you must complete a year and a half to two years of supervised training. This training will give you the skills and experience you need to apply your theoretical knowledge in a pragmatic way whilst understanding how the legal system works. You do not need to do this within a relevant firm which caters to Sydney family law professional, however it is helpful as it gives you experience in the field that you specifically want to go into.

Work in the field

After all of the above is complete, you can now practice as Sydney family law professional. You will, at this point, have the skills, qualifications and experience necessary to practice and build your reputation as a solicitor. However, it is up to you as to how hard you work for your clients, how much you continue to learn and so on. The best Sydney family law professional are always learning and honing their craft, as well as building their reputation. This is how people become successful and the best in their field and the legal sector is no different.

Overall, becoming Sydney family law professional is a long process which can take some time; however, it is ultimately worth it in the end if you are passionate about it. Sydney family law professionals are well remunerated and is a very fulfilling and rewarding career if you enjoy it and truly want to help people. If this is the career path for you, then reach for the stars!