If you are considering purchasing a mobile truck tyre changer, it is important to consider what would be worth your money. When looking for mobile truck tyre changer, you will no doubt be inundated with a variety of products all claiming to be the best, and with constantly evolving technologies, it can become complicated. You can also be put into dangerous situations if you choose a product that does not have safety features or is a cheaper option but creates dangerous situations.

But what should you look for in a mobile truck tyre changer to make an informed decision about which product is best to buy?

Here are a few things you should consider when looking for mobile truck tyre changers.


Size of the turntable

When looking into a mobile truck tyre changer, it is important to note the specifications of external rim gripping diameter capacity. The reason is important to look into the external rim gripping diameter capacity, and not just the internal, is because many product brochures will list the internal gripping diameter capacity. This is good to know, however, large alloy rims are gripped externally, not internally, as internal gripping can damage the rim and dislodge the wheel. Furthermore, this not only can damage the rim and dislodge the wheel, but it makes the process more dangerous to people. Ensure that the external gripping diameter capacity is aligned with what rim sizes you may be fitting during the process.


Wheel size

wheel in a repair shop

When looking into a mobile truck tyre changer, it is also important to check what size/diameter the wheel will accept. It is not uncommon to see a mobile truck tyre changer which a certain wheel drive rim however the actual machine cannot physically accept (is not big enough) the tyres attached to some wheel drives.


Helper arms

If you plan on fitting larger wheels, consider a mobile truck tyre changer with an added helper arm. Normally without a helper arm, the operator must use a lever or a manually operated bead depressor to depress the bead as the turntable rotates. Manually operated bead depressors are a cheaper option; however they can damage the rim and cause danger to the people operating them, as it can shoot the bead out during the final stage of fitting. This is obviously a concern in terms of danger, as well as damage to the rim, so it is something to consider when investing in mobile truck tyre changing equipment.


Turntable can reverse

It is important to ensure that any mobile truck tyre changer you are looking to purchase has a reverse. This is particularly important, as if a tyre bead falls out of place and into somewhere it shouldn’t be during the fitting process, you can just use the machine’s reverse to get out of a troublesome situation. However, if you do not have a reverse feature, you could end up with a damaged tyre or rim, or possibly even both. It is better off to ensure that the product you plan to purchase has a reverse feature, to save yourself the trouble in the future.


In summary, when looking to purchase a mobile truck tyre changer, it is important to consider a few things which may save you some trouble in the future. These include the size of the turntable, the wheel size, helper arms and a turntable reverse feature. Whilst some products may have a higher initial cost to include these features, it may save you additional costs in the future, and keep yourself and others out of dangerous situations during the fitting process.