What is considered a plumber’s emergency in Sydney? Let me paint a scenario. It’s midnight on a warm night in Sydney, and you can hear water splashing and lapping around the house. As you get out of bed to find the source, your feet step onto the damp carpet. Upon further investigation, you can see your bathroom has now become a sort of in-house dam. What a mess! Besides these obvious signs of water and ruin, what else is considered to be a plumber’s emergency in Sydney? When is it the right situation to call an emergency plumber? Sometimes it can be difficult to tell what can wait till tomorrow, and what needs to be fixed straight away. Other times, it is tempting to, however it is important to understand what constitutes as a plumbing emergency in Sydney, before making the call and paying the costs of a midnight plumbing callout. Here are a few things considered to be a plumber’s emergency in Sydney.


No hot water

The dreaded feeling of the stark contrast in a change of temperature, when the hot water turns ice cold, and just won’t go back to hot again. We’ve all been there. This is maybe okay during the scorching heat of the Sydney summer, however, during winter? That’s another story. There could be numerous reasons an emergency plumber could find for not having hot water, and well, it’s cold and you want to have a warm shower.


Burst pipes

burst pipe

A burst pipe can spew water everywhere in a home, and cause mass damage to the interior, including flooring, wall and furniture damage. Pipes burst usually due to old age, poor plumbing or impact. This is absolutely considered a plumber’s emergency in Sydney, due to the amount of damage that can occur from high-pressure water being shot through the house.


Gas leak

A gas leak can occur for a variety of reasons. As a gas leak can be very dangerous and have devastating results, this would definitely constitute as a plumber’s emergency in Sydney, or anywhere else. Gas is extremely flammable and can catch with the slightest spark or flame. Furthermore, in confined spaces, gas can asphyxiate those in those spaces. Gas can also cause damage to those who breathe it in for prolonged periods of time. Therefore, this definitely would be considered a plumber’s emergency in Sydney.


Clogged toilet/backed up sewage

Blockages in the drains can cause a messy situation for any household, and would cause issues for any Sydney family. A normal plumbing system would be able to efficiently and effectively eliminate waste. A blocked plumbing system would fail to do so and create various health and plumbing system-related problems. This would be considered a plumber’s emergency in Sydney as it can cause a household to be inhospitable due to the inability to remove waste, and can cause health issues.


Leaky tap/faucet

No matter how hard you twist, the gentle drip-drip of water just won’t stop. Initially, it doesn’t seem like a big deal, however, this would be considered a plumber’s emergency in Sydney, as the drips of water can easily compound into a hefty water bill if left unchecked for a period of time. In addition to this, the constant water and dampness will encourage rust on metal, and likewise, growth of mold. Rust will seize up your taps and stop them operating properly, and mould can cause structural integrity and health issues in wood.


These are the main issues that constitute a plumber’s emergency in Sydney, and warrant the midnight callout and fee, due to the damage that can occur if these conditions are left unchecked, and the health risks they pose to those within the household.