There are many qualities that the best criminal lawyer in Melbourne should have, and some major red flags to look out for. Your experience with lawyers may vary, but the general consensus is that a good lawyer will get you the best possible outcome, whether you are guilty or innocent. There are many factors that play into how the court will decide, and you might have to deal with the consequences, but having the best criminal lawyer in Melbourne on your side will improve your chances of having minimal consequences, even though the cost of a lawyer is high.

One that Works for You

Your lawyer works for you. While you should take their legal advice and listen to them, remember that ultimately, you are their boss and that if you feel like they need to do something, they should listen. They should also show that they are compassionate for you and your needs. Bad things happen to everybody, and it isn’t up to them to judge you on the things that you have done or what they are defending you for and should care about how they can help you get out of the bad situation that you are in.

Excellent Communication

Best criminal lawyer in Melbourne talking to a client over the phone

One of the worst feelings is not being in the loop about what is going on, whether that is in your case or in real life. The best criminal lawyer in Melbourne will be letting you know everything that is going on with your case, whether they stumbled across a good case to use in your defense or the presiding judge has changed. While some of the things that don’t affect you in the long run, having a good and clear line of communication between you and your lawyer is a must. If they can communicate well with you, then they probably will also be able to communicate well with the judges and jury in your trial. Being in the loop on these kinds of things is the best thing about having a good lawyer.

Knowledge of the Law

There are many different specialisations for lawyers, and the law is very different depending on the kind of lawyer that you are requiring. While most lawyers should have a general idea of every single part of the law, they don’t specialize in all of them. The best criminal lawyer in Melbourne will advertise that they are a criminal lawyer and you should trust them with any case that involves criminal defence. While they can learn a lot about the law from books, a lot of what makes a good lawyer is experience. The best criminal lawyer is one that has experience both inside the court and outside the court.

Knowledge of the Judges

Lawyers and judges speak with each other on a daily basis, so they should know the judges a lot better than you do. Even if you are friends with a judge and go out on weekend trips, a criminal lawyer in Melbourne will have a much better understanding of what they are like in the courtroom, and know-how to get on their good side. Whether that is through the way that they speak or how the defendant is dressed in the courtroom, a good lawyer will know how to get the best odds for their clients with every judge that they will come in contact with.

Hiring the best criminal lawyer in Melbourne isn’t going to be the cheapest thing in the world, and you should be prepared to spend a lot of money on it. However, these are the qualities that you should look for in a criminal lawyer, and even if they aren’t the best, they will at least be good enough to get you the best possible outcome for your case.