There’s always a tale being told about technology taking over the world. Slowly but surely creeping into traditions to make them better or more sustainable. We are of the opinion that modern glass bongs are the exception to this rule and will never go out of fashion. While the technology may get more and more advanced and allow for some sort of diamond-built beauty to be created (one day, we assume).

The fact of the matter is, that there is something inherently magical and simple about glass bongs, even over their modern counterparts. We’re not going to just leave it at that of course, you’ll need your reasons to keep the hand-blown goodies and sometimes fragile additions to your home by your side, and being fans of glass bongs since their inception, we’ll be going down this rabbit hole together.

Superior Filtration

One fact that remains immensely present in terms of glass bongs, especially over their current iterations that are surrounding us all, it’s that they have a way of filtering that no other material has. The use of water in modern glass bongs is already tantamount to tradition with the sound being an often jokingly associated aspect of the experience. Not only that, the material allows for a smoother and cooler touch while using it, which gives a very intense and fun experience that can’t be replicated with a plastic or material alternative.

Fragility Breeds Care

It’s a little dose of psychology for many of us, but the fragility of something inherently impacts how we treat it. Having something made of a delicate but beautiful porcelain tends to ensure that we take care of it a little better, glass bongs being no exception to this.

While technology advances into the more unbreakable and diamond-crusted alternatives that are sure to be a part of the regular every day in the not-too-distant future, there is something magical about the fragility of glass bongs. The subtle care that goes into passing it to your friends, or the delicacy you must maintain when placing it on its mantlepiece, there is always something magical about the sound of a hollow but crafted piece of artwork.

Aesthetics, Aesthetics, Aesthetics!

Some of the most beautiful glass bongs that have ever been created since their inception have been made of the delicate and hand-blown substance that captivates every time. This is primarily due to the inherently infinite number of combinations and designs that can be achieved with a little ingenuity.

The reflective nature and the magical manner that sunlight can permeate through glass bongs on a sunny afternoon cannot be replicated easily. The designs have always been part and parcel of the notion of smoking, with people often associating memories and moments with particular styles and designs that are sometimes haphazardly painted on.

The hand-made aspect of the aesthetic is also a major point of argument for the maintaining of glass bongs as the superior and classic choice. As technology inevitably grows and makes the machination of creation even more realistic, there will always be room for the artisans, making their presence known and honing their craft over the long term with impressive ease.

Call us classicist, or against the future if you like, but for many veteran smokers and enjoyers of the old ways, there will always and intrinsically be room for glass bongs. They’re a cultural staple, a wonderful material, and a superior sensation that breeds care and consideration with every toke. If you’re still on the fence about the whole ordeal, have a look at your local retailer and see for yourself.