Critters are a constant threat in households across Australia, and you should definitely be calling pest control in Melbourne if you see them. They can cause a variety of issues to your property, such as creating unhygienic environments, spreading disease and sickness, causing structural damage to the property as well as being unaesthetically pleasing. These are all real issues which many people would be concerned about, and thereby they call pest control in Melbourne. Pest control services in Melbourne are trained and skilled when it comes to eliminating the threat of critters, and prevention is always the best method rather than waiting for an infestation to happen and causing larger, more serious problems. Trying to get rid of them yourself through the Internet and tutorials online can sometimes work for mild problems, however they can often create larger problems and they should be dealt with by professionals rather than amateurs.

Here are some critters that if you see, you should call pest control in Melbourne.



Termites, while not very visible, can cause significant problems to a property.

By their nature, they look to feed off of wood, which is what many houses foundations are made of. While this may not seem like an issue initially, they can cause serious structural damage over a long time and threaten the structural integrity of a property. This can lead to issues such as needing to repair the foundation, to causing health hazards such as the property collapsing in on itself, which can harm all of the occupants within. This is obviously something you want to avoid, and having regular checks from pest control in Melbourne can determine whether or not you have termites in your property. If you do, they can help to get rid of them and prevent further damage from occurring in your property. Termites are one of the more serious critters that can cause a lot of damage to your property and health, and therefore should be looked out for through regular checks by pest control in Melbourne.



Just their name can strike fear into the hearts of people across the country.

They are ugly looking critters who hide in the dark corners and spaces of your house, and feed off of food and waste. pest control in Melbourne regularly deal with them, as they can get in easily and are notorious for being able to multiply very quickly. These should be dealt with by pest control in Melbourne as soon as they are spotted, as this means there are more hiding and it can lead to an infestation very quickly, which is something that does not look pretty at all. The longer the problem is put off, the more time they have to breed, and an infestation can be very difficult to get rid of and can call for some drastic measures that can see the occupants leaving the house for a good amount of time until the problem is dealt with.




Rats are another critter that scares people, and for good reason too.

They are known to spread disease, and carry many parasites and other critters with them. They can infest a house quickly too, and pest control in Melbourne should be called to prevent and deal with them. They are known to bite, so it is best to let professionals deal with them and not yourself.


In summary, pest control in Melbourne are professionals who are trained and skilled in prevention and dealing with many critters which can cause damage to a house and its occupants. Pest control in Melbourne should do check-ups regularly to prevent infestations and issues to do with critters.