Couples who are preparing for their nuptials will have the duty of designing and sending out wedding cards to the guest list.

There will be a desire to make a positive impression for recipients, offering them an invitation while leaving a cherished item for years to come.

In many instances, professional printing businesses will be contacted to oversee the project.

Equipped with the hardware, software and expertise to produce and send out the cards, they will be best placed to meet consumer demand.

Here we will offer some useful tips for clients who are utilising their services.


Scour Their Services & Features

To really work with printers and find effective solutions to creating wedding cards, couples need to engage these outlets before scouring their entire service list. From Pantone and metallic inks to contemporary and classical templates, the use of recycled paper, matte covers, die cuts, foil stamping, mailing services and receiving samples, women and men must assess what is available. By talking to these specialists one-on-one, they can identify what is value for money, what is popular and what type of features will work for the style and tone of the card itself.


Identify Cost-Saving Solutions

wedding invitation

A barrier that can often be presented with couples who are thinking about using printers with designing wedding cards is the cost element. Why hand over the project to them when the item can be crafted at home? Well, the good news for local clients is that they can identify cost-saving solutions that allow them to get value for money without blowing their budget. Especially when there are much bigger investments down the line with the ceremony itself, there is a need to find cheaper materials and less intensive features like embossing to reduce the production figure.


Leverage Security Measures

The last thing any couple wants to experience with their wedding cards is losing a design or having the details compromised. This is where talks with printing experts have to cover security measures, ensuring that the content is kept safe in the cloud where it can be shared and accessed only by the printers and the couple in question. Especially when it comes to the addition of RSVP information where names, dates, social media pages, websites and addresses are openly published, it is important to have these details kept confidential at all levels.


Set out a Timetable

One of the most effective strategies that clients can use with printers designing wedding cards is to set out a timetable for events. Expected production dates and handing over of the product should be determined early in the piece. This will vary from one printing outlet to the next depending on their customer demand and their resources on site. It is best practice for couples to approach this domain as early as possible, removing any potential time pressures and last-minute stress that could be experienced.


Keep Communication Lines Open

It is essential for couples that are creating wedding cards with a local printer to remain in contact. Whether this is just to receive an update on the state of production to any last-minute alterations with colour, style, and substance, it is necessary to keep the lines of communication open. These outlets are not miracle workers and there will be extra costs involved for late revisions and reprints, but these specialists will be able to meet those demands upon request.


The use of printers will ensure that the wedding cards are designed to professional quality, leaving no stone unturned while matching any demand from the clients. If the price is a concern, reach out and receive a free quote to see how much value they can provide for the project.