Electrical wholesalers are integral for electricians who rely on the business for the supply of the materials and tools that they need which is probably why there are so many electrical wholesalers to choose from – so how do you find the best ones? Check out the most important factors you should consider when choosing electrical wholesalers below.


Brand recognition

A lot of electricians will have products and brands that they trust and feel loyal to. Good quality products are extremely important to electricians, it’s a matter of safety after all so if they’ve found a product or brand they trust they’re often very reluctant to switch products. A great way to choose electrical wholesalers is by looking into what kind of products and brands they sell – mind you a lot of electrical wholesalers will sell similar products so check out the other factors you should consider below.



The cost of products should be a major factor that electricians consider when trying to choose electrical wholesalers. Most will be happy to negotiate on prices for larger orders but smaller businesses or electricians that are just starting out will likely find that they have less room to haggle. Electricians that are early on in the trade may feel like they feel more comfortable with fixed prices and catalogues from hardware stores but electrical wholesalers are undoubtedly a great way to get the edge when it comes to pricing jobs and well worth the time spent negotiating. Many electricians will have a number of accounts with different suppliers and will get different products from different people to keep prices low.



Price shouldn’t be the one and only thing you think about when deciding on electrical wholesalers, however. The knowledge and expertise of the suppliers you choose are also important. Having a knowledgeable staff could save you a lot of time, money, and hassle as they will know what kind of products you need for what purposes. Rather than accidentally ordering the wrong thing, over-ordering, or selecting a product when there’s a better fit available, a well informed staff member can make sure you always have a smooth and enjoyable experience.


Delivery speed

Convenience is very important when it comes to any kind of supplier. Electricians need to be able to get jobs done efficiently, which means fast delivery and convenient ordering are a must. They should also be flexible about their delivery options, for instance by delivering to the worksite or allowing you to collect from their shop. Some suppliers have built up great reputations by sourcing difficult to find items whilst others have shown how capable they are of urgently delivering items that can’t be found at most hardware stores. Rapid turnarounds are very important for busy electricians so good delivery capability is a must-have for suppliers.


Product availability

It’s very important that suppliers have the right materials and tools available when they’re needed. Suppliers with limited product availability or stock levels can be very annoying for electricians and mean they’ll need to have more accounts with more suppliers which can be confusing and difficult to manage.


Generally, the top things you’ll need to think about when choosing a supplier is service, brands and products, pricing, expertise, delivery speed and convenience, and product availability. The things that matter most will differ between different electricians and businesses – for instance if you’ve built up a reputation for doing difficult or challenging jobs then a supplier that can source hard to find items might be the most important thing for you, or if you like to get things done fast then delivery speed might matter most.