It’s a dirty job but somebody has to do it. Building cleans are an essential step in the maintenance process, and there is no shortage of companies out there that offer these services. But what should you look for when choosing one? In this blog post we will go over the best practices for building cleans so you know exactly what makes a company stand out from the rest.

Especially in the current climate, where sanitation and cleanliness are taking precedent and becoming a much more focused feature of workplaces, companies offering their services have had to step up their game and become more encompassing and rigorous than ever before.

From the choices of chemicals being used, to the best COVID practices, there is a lot that constitutes good and honest service.

Signs Of A Good Service

A company offering building cleans and has been around for a while is worth looking into, as they usually have built up an excellent reputation and will be able to provide the best building cleans possible. However, there are a few additional traits that are always present with reliable and worthwhile services.


Of course, the first sign of good building cleans services will be timely and prompt for their scheduled days and hours of requirement. The commitment put forward in ensuring that the chosen service becomes a working cog in the grand machine of the company is a good sign.


One certain trait you’ll see across all competent businesses and services offering to building cleans is the efficiency of their work. This is not only a matter of building cleans being done well, but also the team’s ability to go about their work as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Seeing a team that is well trained and well versed in the art of building cleans is a sure-fire way of determining the potential quality of the outcome. Experience counts for a lot in these companies and the workers that fill them, especially when it comes to tackling the minutiae that are vital but not always noticed. It’s important to find out if it is something they have been doing throughout their careers or just recently begun offering services on the subject.

Signs Of A Bad Service

Improper Chemical Usage And Disposal Methods

The way that chemicals are used and disposed should also match up with COVID regulations and standards, as these play an integral role in determining if the services are conducted effectively or not. If anything seems off about the practices involved with the way in which they use and dispose chemicals and potentially dangerous elements for building cleans, it may be time to find a new service.

Constantly Changing Roster Of Employees

No company should ever switch up its roster of employees constantly. If they seem to be doing this, it may be a sign that the service is not quite reputable and does not have their building cleans standards in place properly; there’s no need for an excuse like “we’re short on staff,” as companies should always make sure that all of their employees are trained and vetted before working with them.

That way, the process will run more smoothly without any hiccups, it would also provide peace of mind knowing that everyone has been properly overseen since receiving training about how to conduct themselves professionally when it comes to building cleans practices. If you are currently in the process of selecting the right company for your business, having a quick comparison with this list is a great way of determining the next move to make.