Want to make the most of the idyllic year-round weather on the Gold Coast? Then a concrete pool is the answer for you.

Sure, the Gold Coast might be renowned for its endless row of golden beaches, but somedays they aren’t for everyone.

Peak tourist season where you struggle to find a quite spot on the beach let alone a decent parking spot. Days where hot westerly winds whip up leaving beachgoers sand blasted and chasing their towels up and down the stretch. And big swells when tropical lows roll in, are just some of the reasons why the beach might not be the best place to be on the Gold Coast.

But you, your family, and even your neighbours and friends can make the most of the year round idyllic weather of the Gold Coast, no matter what is happening down on the sand, by trusting concrete pools Gold Coast builders for your pool installation.

Benefits of concrete pools over fiberglass

  • Build the shape you want- Concrete pools can be built in and around existing housing or structures or designed to fit any shape of yard. With fiberglass pools you are restricted to a set shape and design from the manufacturer which may not be practical or give rise to the look you are after for your home.
  • Longevity- Whilst it is true, the initial outlay of a concrete pool is higher than vinyl or fiberglass, rest assured you are guaranteed longevity over the other two options for years and years to come.
  • Custom Finish- Choose tiling, coping and pool finishes to suit the style of your yard or home. Whether you are building from scratch and trying to match a theme, or looking to tie into an existing home’s colours and design, concrete pools are loaded with style options.
  • Bigger is better- Fibreglass pools are limited by their length and width. So make the most of your space with a rigid concrete pool design of your choice.

Benefits over vinyl liner pools

     When it comes to concrete vs vinyl liner, there simply is no choice. Here’s why-

  • No liner to replace- Vinyl liners are easily pierced, by everything from kid’s toys, to tree branches. Meaning pools need draining to be patched with unreliable repair kits, or have the entire liner replaced at great cost.
  • Less Maintenance Vinyl liners attract unsightly mold which can be hard to scrub off and quick to return leaving your prized pool looking unsightly and unattractive to guests even on the hottest of days.
  • Salt!– Who doesn’t love the feel of a saltwater pool? Sadly, with vinyl liner pools and their metal structures, salt is not an option as it quickly rusts and corrodes the metal, compromising the structure and integrity of the pool as well as leaving sharp and jagged parts exposed which pose a danger to swimmers.

The Gold Coast climate provides almost year-round swimming weather.

As can be seen from the above points, there are days, no matter how beautiful the beaches may look in the morning, that by the time your ready for a swim, it is just not for you.

And when it comes to choice of concrete vs fiberglass vs vinyl, the versatility of concrete wins out every time.

Don’t sit there sweating and staring at that big empty space in your yard. With summer on its way, the time is right to make a call and get a quote for an inground concrete pool.

Whether it is a lap pool for smart singles or space restricted couples or a resort like oasis that all your family and friends can enjoy. Make a splash this summer with your new concrete pool.