While it may not be the end of the world, sometimes you require the immediate and effective assistance of a Canberra plumber. There is always the recommendation to do in-depth research and narrowing when looking for any service or product at the moment, with a lot of people opting to spend a lot longer finding the right tool for the job.

While this is laudable, there are some occasions where you need the immediate assistance of a Canberra plumber, and don’t have the time to research every nook and cranny of the prospective business.

A burst water pipe at 2AM will not wait for you to research the previous 10 years of a company’s history, a clogged and leaky toilet will not simply wait while you call and narrow down a suitable choice for a Canberra plumber.

Take heed, the following is a quick guide to have in a pinch, allowing you to quickly determine an emergency Canberra plumber that’s high quality, effective, and trustworthy – all without the hubbub and pompousness.

Insured & Legitimate

The first check that anyone should do regarding their Canberra plumber is unavoidable, licensed workers need a license. Plain and simple, there is an easy way to determine this in a pinch, the website will almost always have their accreditations and licenses made available.

Having this information in plain sight is a quick way to determine legitimacy. The law stipulates this as well as many insurance companies who will often have caveats that signify the necessity of having a license and necessary coverage.

24/7 Service

The best examples of a Canberra plumber will often have the 24/7 promise attached to their name in some form or another. This is for those unruly 3am wake-ups with a leaking roof or an unexpected bathroom overflow, typically this will also be espoused on the website or card for the Canberra plumber.

Customers looking for an immediate and worthwhile service would be doing themselves a disservice by going for a Canberra plumber that isn’t flexible with their work and able to accommodate awkward times.


Canberra plumber fixing a sink pipe

The proximity of the professional you’re calling is immensely important. Considering the possibility that when you’re calling a Canberra plumber, you’re in some emergent situation and timeliness is a major factor in the decision. Having a local professional negates the anxiety-laden waiting time for someone to arrive where a problem is getting worse with every passing second. The last thing anyone wants is to have an issue with the pipes causing irreparable damage due to the waiting time.

Hiring a local professional adds a bit more trustworthy weight as well, as people in the community and smaller businesses often have a reputation that is well-known and versed in more rural areas.


Having a quick gander at the testimonials of a professional service is always recommended. Luckily, even in a high-pressure situation, there are endless arrays of review sites and honest testimonials available for quick reading. Having a quick look around on comparative sites and even google reviews will give you a better sense of the general opinion of the service you’re looking for. 

Bonus: Fees & Charges On Display

While not absolutely essential in a pinch or emergent situation, having access or an idea of the general fees and charges are a good anchor point to have in your decision-making.  A notable Canberra plumber will often have a fixed fee associated with certain services and not try to hide hidden fees in the fine print. While this can be determined in the testimonial stages at times, often seeing a fixed rate number for a Canberra plumber serves as a nice icing for your decision.