Starting as a new mechanic is not an easy feat. You need to establish contact and you need money. Secondly, there’s an auto mechanic tool list of the automotive workshop equipment one must have before operating a workshop. These tools are very essential and will serve a variety of purposes for a while before you acquire enough money to build and equip your toolbox. In this article, you will learn about them. 

Automotive workshop equipment—What are they? 

They are standard kits that you need for repairs and operations around your automobile workshop. They save time and make work easier and more efficient. 

Must-Have Automotive Workshop Equipment 

You have learned enough as a recruit, now is time to own a workshop yourself. You also have some administrative and money skills to efficiently run the business. Remember, having the right skills is not enough because skills don’t manage money, hire or delegate. 

Below is a list of the must-have automotive workshop equipment to open an automobile shop. 

  1. Jack and jack stands. 

You will need to raise vehicles or trucks temporarily now and then in your workshop to fix them. This is where the jack and jack stand comes into play. You’ll need to acquire one that is strong, easy to operate, and efficient. 

  1. Battery charger 

Some vehicles may be wheeled into your workshop with dead or weak batteries. You need a battery charger to resuscitate the vehicle before you could identify the problem and fix it. 

  1. Engine hoist

Also called an engine crane, it is used to lift very heavy objects in the workshop. Sometimes, you may need to move or remove your gasoline engine, this is where the engine hoist comes into play. 

  1. Brake lathe

Many jobs will require you to fix the brakes of vehicles or trucks. You need to acquire this rather than hiring or borrowing from other workshops as it will save you time, energy, and money in the long run.

  1. Press

When you need to fix problems involving bearings and bushings, you need the press equipment to achieve this. Also, it can assist you in bending a variety of metals. 

  1. Oil drain & caddy 

Vehicles change their oils every other day. You will need an oil caddy for the transmission of fluids to the raised vehicle or truck. 

  1. Types of pliers 

Who doesn’t need pliers when working on cars? You will need a variety of them when fixing engines of vehicles or trucks. This is one of the most important automotive workshop equipment you need to acquire for your toolbox. It 

  1. Screwdriver set 

You must have all types of screwdrivers in your armory. Their importance cannot be overemphasized. 

How to obtain automotive workshop equipment 

You can acquire most of them from automobile shops around or you could order them online. Many sites offer sales of tools online. We will advise you to consult two to three local shops and compare their prices. Also, compare the prices with the ones on the internet. While it’s good you go for quality, you should also consider the cost. Remember, you’re just a newbie, you need to stack enough cash; things may happen suddenly that require financial intervention. 


While it’s good to stick to the advice given here on must-have automotive workshop equipment, it’s expedient for you to consult a pro offline who will guide you and help you make top-notch decisions!