Planning to buy an EV in Adelaide? You’ll want to consider where and how you’ll charge an electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) before making the purchase. Even though electric vehicles require constant recharging to keep moving, PHEVs may operate completely on the engine to maximize economy, but it’s ideal to keep the batteries charged as well to get the most from them. This is why opting for ev charger installation is a great choice that can benefit you in many ways.

There are a number of advantages in choosing home EV charging solutions in Adelaide for everyone with a carport, garage or other off-street parking. For all of these reasons, experts believe that the majority of “charging events” in the future will take place in the drivers’ houses rather than at public charging stations.

How do you recharge an electric vehicle? An electric car’s battery can only be charged to a maximum of 3 kW using a standard three-pin outlet, and even overnight charging will not be sufficient for most electric automobiles. With a wallbox charger, you can charge your electric vehicle much more quickly at home, making it far more feasible to purchase one and use it as your EV charging solutions in Adelaide. Here are our best tips for selecting home EV charging solutions in Adelaide.

Understand the Home Charger

There are two types of home EV charging solutions in Adelaide: those that are put in your garage and those that are located outside of your home. Your automobile may be charged at a quicker pace with one of these devices than a standard three-pin socket.

You don’t have to run an extended connection from your house, which might be dangerous; wallboxes are weatherproof and can be used in all climates; and some units are smart and can be remotely operated with an app on your phone. There are several more perks in each type of home charger. 

Understand the Types

EV charging solutions in Adelaide for home are available from dozens of different manufacturers. The price, simplicity of setup, charging speed, connection and cable type, suitability with your house, and even the wallbox’s appearance are all things to consider when purchasing EV charging solutions in Adelaide.

Afterwards, you may decide either you want a tethered or untethered EV charging solution in Adelaide. When you get a wallbox that comes with a charging cable already connected, you’ll be able to simply plug it into your automobile. A socketed wallbox, on the other hand, offers the advantage of being more adaptable in the future.

For an untethered wallbox, you’ll need to run your own wire into a regular outlet. These are usually included with the vehicle, but if not, they may be purchased from a dealer. However, the advantage is that you just need to update the connection if you switch vehicles or new charging technology is developed.

Understand the Charging Speed

Think about how much driving you do on a daily basis. If you just drive a few miles a day and get an EV charging solution in Adelaide with a full battery, a 3.6kW charger may be all you need to gently recharge your car overnight. If you drive a lot and need to use your vehicle often throughout the week and on the weekends, a quicker charger may be a better alternative for you.

You should know that the greatest charging speed your home can produce relies on what’s known as a single-phase electrical supply, while bigger buildings and industries often have more powerful ‘three-phase’ connections, which are more common in Adelaide. If you acquire a high-power wallbox and discover that you can’t utilize it to its full potential, you should see an electrician and ask advice for more technical issues regarding EV charging solutions in Adelaide.